alte meister

Alte Meister, 2019 

@ Istituto Svizzero Roma

The museum is sad. It sinks down in an armchair and watches television. What a bizarre day.

A pizza is being ordered. In Rome they are particularly good.

Maybe Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle will be thrown in a corner.

But maybe it won’t. The interns have printed the images of the old masters on way too glossy paper, now it looks even more like a cheap fake.

What is this supposed to be?

A Wikipedia article about Elvis in the corner, the most important facts highlighted in green.

Zalando packages block the doorways. Absolutely nothing here is subject to copyright anymore.

The artists are late since the Uber JUMP-App is down. Everything seems to be falling apart.

At least the fog machine still works, fog as a sign of the good old days. It’s hazy. What’s real here? Isn’t there anyone who can explain to me what this is all about?